Coming to Windy Hill
March 2022!

Circus Dreams:
A Circus Fitness Program

No matter what our age, most of us have a memory of the circus coming to town. There is something about the circus that draws us back every time and it’s not a big secret. It’s simple, the circus is fun.

Staying active is important for health, and learning circus technique is also a great way to keep our minds sharp. In this 14-week program you’ll learn theatrical clowning, juggling, hooping, feats of balance, and poi spinning from circus artists Jenny Hill and Chris Tamburro. Participants will also create their own props to practice with and keep.

Circus brings us all together by learning something new and engaging, and through the spirit of play and collaboration.

Meet the Artists in Residence

Chris Tamburo

Circus Performer
Specialties: Juggling & Fire Performance

Chris Tamburro began his circus journey in 2013 and in2015 he ran away with a circus to Thailand to work with Burmese refugees. Chris taught circus skills to most of the people he met through body language and sound effects if he didn’t speak their language. What he learned is that we can communicate a lot through our body and that it also communicates with us.

Juggling and circus arts have been his preferred way to relieve stress and give his anxious mind something else to focus on while learning a new skill. Movement is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing and he’s here to teach us some fun ways to remain active.

Jenny Hill

Job title or function

Jenny Hill is a performer, published poet, and arts educator who has worked as a teaching artist with the PA Council on the Arts for 21 years. She has studied clowning and movement theatre with Nose to Nose of North America, The LA Clown School, and Movement Theatre Studio in New York City. She studied multi-hooping with the awe inspiring Miss Saturn, and has been performing circus acts on various stages for ten years. She collaborates with a group of clowns called The Foolbright Scholars.

As a teaching artist, she works to create an open and safe space where students of all abilities feel empowered and playful. Students hone their instincts with language, storytelling, and movement, find the places where storytelling and movement intersect, collaborate with others, trust in their own unique and inherent gifts, work at their own level and pace to find their sense of mastery, and find inspiration in the process of creating.

Jenny runs variety shows and cultural programming at The Wunderbarn, a theatre space she created out of a 19th century barn. When she isn’t performing, teaching, or creating, she can be found in the company of fourteen ducks, two goats, two sheep, two cats, one husband, and one daughter (not necessarily in that order). You can find her online at

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