Give Local York 2022

We're all signed up for GLY 2022!
Save the date: Friday, May 6th, 2022

Last year we were able to exceed our goals, and raised over $43,000 from over 320 donors! We can't wait to see what we can raise this year!

Thank you video - Give Local York 2021

Donations can still be collected! Make a donation through our PayPal account, Venmo account, or you can donate cash or check (made payable to: Windy Hill Senior Center; with "GLY" written on the memo line) to one of our fundraising champions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Champion!

What is a Champion?

A champion is a supporter of Windy Hill who spreads the word about our organization in order to raise awareness and collects donations to support our organization during Give Local York..

What is Give Local York?

Give Local York (GLY) is the biggest day of giving in York County! Over 300 registered York County nonprofits receive generous support from members of our community and beyond.

How does it work becoming a Champion?

Champions are given a printed envelope to keep track of the donations they are collecting. They are able to accept cash or check donations ahead of time starting on April 1st through May 7th. Checks need to be made payable to: Windy Hill Senior Center, and GLY needs to be written on the memo line of the check. Donations can be turned in to Windy Hill any time up until and including the day of GLY, May 7th.

How do I sign up to be a Champion?

You can sign up by stopping in at Windy Hill during normal business hours and picking up an envelope. Then start collecting donations. It’s as easy as that!

You could also sign up online to raise funds here. Just click on the "Fundraise" button to sign up.

You could also fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you.

Can people donate online?

Definitely! Online donations can be made on Friday, May 7th through our GLY webpage:

We are also able to collect donations on our Venmo or PayPal accounts prior to Friday, May 7th, but donors must indicate that the donation is to go towards our "GLY" campaign.

If you’d like to sign up online to raise more money you can go to the link above and click on the “FUNDRAISE” button. Then fill out the information requested and you’ll have access to email templates, social media graphics, etc. to help with your fundraising efforts. Reach out to Jenna if you need help with this!

How much do I need to raise?

Champions can set their own fundraising goals. Any amount you are able to raise is helpful!

Who can be a Champion?

Anyone who has an interest in spreading the word about Windy Hill on the Campus is able to be a Champion! No experience is needed!

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes! A formal email tax acknowledgment will be sent to the donor automatically from GiveGab (the online platform used during GLY) for online donations. This tax acknowledgment is the proof that a tax deductible donation was made and should be held onto for use during tax preparation for 2021. For those without email, a letter will be sent in the mail.

Why does Windy Hill need Champions?

Champions will help to spread the word about Windy Hill much farther. It has been shown that donations raised during GLY have been significantly higher for those organizations who had fundraising Champions in years past.

Is there a donation minimum or maximum?

For credit card donations the minimum donation is $5 and $100 for an ACH transfer. There is no maximum! For cash and check donations there are no limits!

How much of each donation will Windy Hill receive?

Cash and check donations will be received at 100% of their value.

Credit card donations do have some fees attached, but donors can decide to cover the transaction fees if they wish so that Windy Hill will receive the full amount of their donation.

Can donations be anonymous?

Yes, donors can still give without supplying their contact information. Those donors will not receive a tax acknowledgement form though for their taxes. On the envelope you can just write “Anonymous”. For online donations there is an option to select for the donation to be anonymous.

Click the button below to access helpful resources for fundraising! This will walk you through how to sign up online and give you access to tools to use for fundraising!

Fundraising Toolkit

1472 Roth's Church Road, Suite 103
Spring Grove, PA

717-225-0733 [email protected]

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