Game Day!

Each Tuesday Windy Hill will be having a game day. We will play an in-person game starting at 10 am. Below are the games for each week.

Word Link

Tuesday, June 1st at 10 am
A fun puzzle game where you need to find words to fit within the puzzle. This is a fantastic way to exercise your brain and keep your brain active!

Family Feud

Tuesday,  June 8th at 10 am
This game is based off of the popular TV game show Family Feud where you have to find the top answers from surveys to popular questions. This always seems to get interesting!

Heads Up

Tuesday, June 22nd at 10 am
This is a fun guessing game where you have a word on an iPad that you can see, but other can. You have to ask questions and guess what the word is on the device. 

Now You Have It...

Tuesday, June 29th at 10 am
Bring along a gender neutral gift in a bag with a value of $5 for Now you have it, now you don't. This is a member favorite! You won't want to miss out on this fun game!

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